Are you planning to start your START-UP?

Learn the steps and strategies to identify the right Idea and Market to launch your Start-Up that has the potential to grow to $200 Million from the experience of building From finding the right idea to validating the product, building your team, skills you need and beyond.

The Course is designed and delivered by Amit Jain

Founding Team - || Scaled to $180 Mn || Exited to OYO

Founder - Glo:Wrk || Alum - INSEAD

The Course

The most direct course on Starting Up

With Amit Jain,

Founding Team - (acquired by Oyo rooms) || Founder - Glo:Wrk

INR 4,999/-

The Journey of Course

  • Acquiring the Skills you Need: To begin the journey of entrepreneurship, there are certain skills that are mandatory to have for the entrepreneur. We will go through it one by one and learn how we can even develop them.

  • Having Growth Mindset & Life Design: To build a venture that can scale to those heights, you need to have a mindset towards growth.

  • Finding the Right Idea: Ideas can come from anywhere but not every idea is scalable and not every idea clicks to everyone. Learn the frameworks on how to reach that one idea that can scale to hundreds of millions of revenue.

  • Launching your Start-Up: Once you have shortlisted the idea, let's discuss how to develop the prototype and how to launch into the market.

  • Building Team: From my personal experience, how do you choose your team, specially your co-founders.

  • Handling Negotiations: One thing any entrepreneur has to do is to negotiate at every step. Be it team, product, vendors or clients. I am not a fan of Win-Win negotiation frameworks. Through this course, you will learn to negotiate as if your life is dependent on that.

  • Building Customer Experience: People buy experiences and not just products. Learn why and how to develop great experiences through your products in this course.

  • Managing Burnout: Burnout is for real. Entrepreneurs go through so much that physical and / or mental burnout is bound to happen sooner or later. Learn how to manage your burnout and stay high on energy.

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction (6 sessions)

Chapter 2: Things that matter in a Start-Up (4 sessions)

Chapter 3: Inner Journey (9 sessions)

Chapter 4: Ideation (6 sessions)

Chapter 5: Team Building (2 sessions)

Chapter 6: Ethics (1 session)

Chapter 7: Negotiations (7 sessions)

Chapter 8: Customers (4 sessions)

Chapter 9: 10X Growth Rule (1 session)

Chapter 10: Burn Out (3 sessions)

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